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Milosz Sieracki 13 Aug 2020

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Smart Trade Coin
30 Jun 2021
Smart Trade Coin
videoadmin · 822 Views

My earings from Smart Trade Coin GO Bitcoin,Ethereum trading bot My weekly report


Weekly work report
Smart Trade GO #Bitcoin Ethereum Trading tools
In short, it is a bot that trades our assets. One account is connected to the 5 largest exchanges. Binance, HitBtc, Kraken, Bittrex, KuCoin .... There are 3 trading strategies: Safe, Normal, Risky The bot can be set for 5 periods of operation 30 60 120 180 360 days depending on which options we choose, only after the specified time we can withdraw the profit. For example, if we set the bot for a 60-day operation period, it will be after 60 days that we will be able to withdraw the profit, but we do not have to finalize the bot's work if its results are satisfactory. Of course there is an affiliation program, the possibility of additional earnings

Earnings from every day:

Jul 27 - 5,66$
Jul 28 - 8,36$
Jul 29 - -0,69$
Jul 30 - 14,36$
Jul 31 - 19,63$
Aug 1 - 14,29$
Aug 2 - 16,44$

More About Smart Trade Coin Go Project

Make your account here and start earn with me

My private blog devoted to the hardware of earning money on the Internet

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe-CoinDeal
One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world Binance Exchange

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Do not invest your own money, the loss of which would cause a drastic deterioration of your home budget, change in living standards or financial problems. Decisions on making any investment are made by yourself.

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Smart Trade Coin
30 Jun 2021
Smart Trade Coin
videoadmin · 822 Views