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30 Jun 2021
Smart Trade Coin
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SMART TRADE COIN GO! Bot Live - Recording Day: 14.11.2019


SMART TRADE COIN GO! Bot Live - Recording Day: 14.11.2019

This record shows the real live clip of a daily result of the Crypto Trading Tool SMART TRADE COIN GO! Bot.

What does the crypto trading tool SMART TRADE COIN GO! Bot?

The bot deals exclusively with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. It is designed to make the crypto currency trading market accessible for everybody everywhere in the world. Even with weak internet, no experience and/or very little money.

The Bot selects the best possible strategy on the crypto currencies market and adjust it to the Smart Trade Coin algorithm, which is based on digital calculations and the knowledge of specialists working in the area of crypto trading.

How does a Bot work?

The functioning of a trading tool BOT is based on optimization in the choice of currency, exchange, and references to the history of trading in particular currencies. The purpose is to obtain the most effective investment results. The trading tool BOT may need more time to generate profits. The minimum recommended working time for the trading tool BOT is 30 days.

What are the actual result of the Bot?

The cryptocurrency trading tool SMART TRADE COIN GO! Bot is professional and effective, however, there are external factors, such as changes in the currency markets, which may affect the results of investments.


This recording is for scientific purposes only and is for public and neutral observation of the SMART TRADE COIN GO! Bot.

The Bot was released in October 2019 by Smart Trade Coin Ltd. (Saint Vincent & Grenadine). This recording is the live recording of an active account. The sums are real invested Bitcoin. The results were recorded exactly as they were on the day of the recording.

This video is not a recommendation or promotion of the trading tool SMART TRADE COIN GO! Bot.

On the contrary: don't touch it if you are unsure. There are no test results at the time of publication.

If this does not prevent you from trying out the bot yourself, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

1. Do not use any money that you cannot bear the total loss of.

2. Do not take out loans at all and do not lend money to your house etc. under any circumstances in order to replenish the presented bot.

3. If you are unsure, do not use any capital as a precaution.

Always remember: small livestock also makes crap...

Interested newcomers can test the Bot at any time and completely free of charge in the demo version live. There is 2000$ "play money" available in the crypto currencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

The account shown is neither an official nor a sponsored account. The account documented in the video is private. Neither the filmed account, the video itself nor this channel is owned by Crypto Trading Tool Bot publisher Smart Trade Coin Ltd.

They belong to an independent private investor who does not act on behalf of Smart Trade Coin Ltd. and does not wish to be named.

Should you decide to test your own bot in live mode based on the test results shown, you do so at your own risk. You alone bear the full responsibility for all resulting consequences including a possible total loss.

We cannot currently advise against this, nor can we make a clear recommendation.

If you should decide for an own demo or live test of the bots, we would be very pleased about a registration over this link for purely scientific reasons:

Link to the registration:


Participation is at your own risk and remains non-binding, confidential and unpublished.

Thank you very much for your attention.

All intellectual property rights remain reserved.

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Smart Trade Coin
30 Jun 2021
Smart Trade Coin
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